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A wide range of mounted birds and animals .


Miniature and large indoor and outdoor statues .

Sculptures & Figurines

From die cast to wooden toys and a wide range of dolls and classic ride-on amusements.

Toys & Dolls

From Tea pots to China Jugs, Mugs, Pitchers & Plates.

Porcelain & Pottery

Beer taps , glasses and bottles to make that bar complete.

Beer & Bar

Chairs, cabinets and a wide range of mirrors


You will find something for every taste in the


From the avid collector to the home renovation ,

we are sure to have that special item for you .

Our Stock Changes Often - Call in to see what’s new

Past & Present Items at Just Plane Interesting

Including table lamps, hanging lamps, desk lamps, wall lamps, floor lamps,Chandeliers.  Art Deco Lamps, Standard Lamps, Kerosene lamps and Ceiling lamps and numerous other lighting fixtures and fittings.


Pendulum  clocks ,Cuckoo clocks ,Grandfather clocks and many more.


Gramophones ,Vintage Radios to musical Instruments of many variety .

Sound & Music

Car and motorbike from parts and manuals to road signs and traffic lights.

From neon signs to tin signs and vintage posters.

Bakelite phones,Candlestick phones.Retro and novelty


Signs & Posters


Leather jackets , vintage and retro clothing to party costumes.

Knives , uniforms to World War II memorabilia a range of Army, Navy, Air Force, Home Front and other military and wartime antiques and vintage collectibles.

Old leather cases to retro  Bags

Clothing & Costumes


Bags & Cases

Field Cameras, Folding Box Cameras, Quarter-Plate Hand Cameras, Folding Pocket Cameras and Concealed Bellos Camera

Religious Crosses/Crucifixes, Framed Reliquaries religious objects, artifacts, ritual, relics, images and statues.

Antique compasses, telescopes, sextants, barometers.Astronomical Instruments.Slide Rules Drawing Instruments ,complete sets in original boxes. Barometers,Navigational Instruments and Gas Gauges.




Antique and vintage tobacco and cigarette advertising and packaging, ashtrays and other smoking collectables.

Antique and vintage kitchen equipment and accessories and other household antiques.

Lead light Windows

Smoking Collectibles

Kitchen Collectibles